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Happy 2016!

Hello folks! This is Andrew Isaac, Real Estate Agent and the Owner of New Venture Realty. I am delighted you visited our web site. HAPPY 2016! This is going to be a great year, so let’s make it happen.

Low interest rates have helped fuel home price increases in recent years. Coupled with the fact that the Federal Reserve just raised interest rates in December for the first time in years, projections are being made that rates could continue going up from here. Rates are still at historical lows however, so it’s still a very good time to buy. If you are considering purchasing a home, give me a call. I’d love to help.

It’s also a wonderful time to sell since there are many buyers looking to take advantage of the low rates. Selling a home can be a monumental event, and it can bring about a number of complex financial considerations. Being aware of those considerations and making a plan to deal with them will help the selling process go a bit more smoothly. I would love to help. As I said, I am the owner of the company so I’m sure we can work something out together. Give me a call.

Thanks again for visiting. Come again soon.


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