raleigh-realtors1Purchasing a home is perhaps the largest financial investment you may ever make. Therefore, wouldn’t you like someone by your side who will work on your behalf and in your best interest? That is exactly what we would do for you. As your buyer’s agent we have a fiduciary responsibility to you. Finding a home to buy in your price range that meets all your criteria, in the area you are interested in and at the right price can be very daunting. Once that house is found, filling out all the correct paperwork, negotiating terms with the seller and keeping track of all the strict deadlines involved in the transaction can be even more challenging. That is where qualified, experienced buyers’ agents like us can add value.  We can perform all these tasks and even more. The best part is that our services to you as a buyer’s agent are FREE of charge. We are paid from a split from the listing agent’s (seller’s agent) commission. Buyer’s agents, unlike listing agents, work on behalf of the buyer and look out for only the buyer’s interests.

Here are some of the services we will provide as your Buyer’s Agent:

  • Listen to you in an effort to understand your needs. We then try to meet those needs.
  • Respond to you in a timely manner
  • Explain the entire home buying process so you fully understand and can plan accordingly
  • Walk you through the standard forms needed to complete your home purchase
  • Make recommendations on other professionals (lenders, home inspectors, closing attorneys, etc.) that will need to be employed during the transaction/process.
  • Point out active, under contract and recently sold properties that meet your criteria so that you are aware of what is happening in your target markets. This will help you assess how quickly homes in those neighborhoods are selling and for what price.
  • Provide advice in determining homes that you like which may be difficult to sell down the road should you want to buy them.  We’ve been through lots of houses with buyers, so we know how to pick them out.
  • Assist with analyzing price and value so a sound negotiating strategy can be enacted when making an offer to purchase your home.
  • Help interpret inspection results as well as negotiate inspection issues that you may need the seller to remedy prior to closing.
  • Remain in communication with the various other professionals during the transaction so as to facilitate a smooth and timely closing.